The inspiring story of
Aboriginal teachers

and their Union





This inspiring film celebrates the courage and resilience of those who, for over a century, have fought for the right of Aboriginal children to public education. 

It traces the journey from when discrimination, prejudice and outright racism deprived Aboriginal children of the right to learn. It highlights the pioneers whose courage, conviction and determination is contributing to a more equal and richer public education system to the benefit of all.

It is a story of the remarkable recent rise of Aboriginal teachers and the community they inspire – the students they nurture and support in our public education system, the culture they share and the positive impact they make to a more inclusive and fairer Australian society. 

The stories in the film are told with compelling honestly that recalls the grave injustices and enormous challenges that Aboriginal people have confronted to provide a better future for not only their children and descendants but for all Australians too.


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Education Resources 

The documentary makers, in conjunction with the NSW Teachers’ Federation and ATOM, are in the process of developing a comprehensive set of educational resources to accompany the documentary. Please submit your email address below to be notified when the Educational Resources are available. If you would like to discuss the Educational Resources or any other issue, please contact the film makers through the Contact page on this site. 

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‘Naa Muru Gurung’ was produced by Matilda Films 

in conjunction with the NSW Teachers' Federation

Gillian Moody / Director 

Xanon Murphy / Producer 

Paddy Gorman and Piers Grove / Executive Producers 

Charline Emzin-Boyd / Associate Producer 

Julie Beachu and Tristan Bancroft / Editors 

John Roy / Original Music 

Simon Smith / Cinematographer